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What is a flight simulator?

A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight in various environments and conditions for pilot training, design or other purposes. Flight simulators primarily augment pilot training. Flight training in a simulator allows pilots to practice manoeuvres and procedures under all sorts of weather conditions and at airports all around the world. Pilots can experience variations in air density, wind shear, turbulence, clouds, and precipitation as well as aircraft system failures and abnormal conditions. Flight instructors can observe their student pilots’ reactions to these factors in their application of flight controls, procedures and aeronautical decision making (ADM).


Typically, most of the simulator training is done by our partner ATO’s. We’d be happy to help tailor a training plan to suit your individual needs.

You can obtain the following hour credits toward a licence or rating by using our simulators:
5 hours toward a PPL
5 hours toward a night rating (to be credited towards the Initial Instrument Rating)
20 hours toward an Initial Instrument Rating
25 hours towards the ATPL
3 hours towards an instrument rating in another category
3 hours dual flight training towards a Multi Engine Class Rating
10 hours instrument time, including 5 at least 5 instrument approach procedures and a missed approach, required for the revalidation of an Instrument Rating lapsed for more than 24 months
5 hours patter training towards an initial GIII Instructors Rating

Yes, aspects of an instrument rating skills test that cannot be conducted in an aircraft, including one type of the required approaches, may be completed in our simulators.

Yes, aspects of the skills test towards a GRI and GRII flight instructors rating that cannot be conducted in an aircraft may be completed in our simulators.

Yes, you can complete an Instrument rating revalidation check, PPL and CPL only.

Yes, you can complete a GR1 and GR2 Flight Instructor rating revalidation check.

What training can I do in a simulator?

Our simulators can be utilized for Ab Initio (Basic PPL) flight training as well as training toward a night rating, instrument rating and multiengine rating. Special procedures training (such as PBN/RNP) can also be accomplished. 

Pilots can also maintain their instrument rating recency requirements. Flight simulators provide an affordable way to keep your skills sharp and maintain proficiency so that you’re always safe in the sky.

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